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gestalt |gəˈSHtält, -ˈSHtôlt| noun | An organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts.


released July 9, 2015

Z. - Cowboy Killer
J. - Shape Shifter
B. - Cicada Eater

Recorded by a meticulous Dustin Gaudet in Austin, TX.
Mastered by an enthusiastic Nick Zampiello at New Alliance East, Cambridge, Ma.

Photography: Zacary Ingram/ Hang Ngo
Design: JSES

Limited cassette tape on Vermin Resplendence.




Resent Austin, Texas

Resent are a three piece bellyache from Austin, Texas.

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Track Name: Swansong
The swan says,
in her last cry,
I hope I live forever,
I hope never die.
Into a calloused world.
An acquiesce: the dream dies.
They always do.

The signifiers and signs, we've come to expect. (I've seen it all before)
A series of responses, feigned indifference. (I've heard it all before)
The signifiers and signs, we've come to expect. (I've seen it all before)
Sing your song, sing your swansong, sing.
Track Name: Rider, Stage Plot, Ego
You should be anything else.
Blame it on them you live in fear.
Oh, your so, so smooth.
Six DIs on the drums.
This is the artist, I speak for them.
Write your chorus, I won’t respond.
The reaper knows our names.
No one will ever look it up.
No one will ever know the words.
Keeping the flow of blood
in the back of my shell.
I am the past, I am the dust.
I am the lost chord.
I hope this amp kills me.
I hope I kill rock n roll.
Amplifier waste me,
kill me rock and roll.
Essences of my life shock me.
Make me flatline,
I hope this amp kills me.
I hope I kill rock and roll.
So much of this time is waste.
Track Name: On Sale, Dollar Menu, Buy One, Get One Free
worthless structors
most doubt
Crumble structures.
Fire Bathe
wither away.
You take what gives us breath and turn it to concrete.
The worst part is that its all the same.
You expect them to work for so little pay.
I see what you did there there is no future anyway.
Every thing wrong with America.
The problem has been construed.
I am a product of death.
10,000 stars
for every grain of sand:
we could have been the ones
to save this place...
Selfishness is the only existence.
Track Name: Cobweb Eater
Cobweb Eater
Cicada Eater
Cowgirl killer
Lucid dreamer
One meal eater
Cobweb eater
Cicada killer
No tooth having dreamweaver
Come in, Come in
to the scarlet red
tungsten tungsten
light that fades
through your window
that is a void,
a reflection
that is yourself.
A plastic veil
A sheet of wax
A melting eye
A life from dust
A complex meaning of breath
Take what you want, get what you need.
I create as I speak.